JP in the Financial Post: You can’t avoid ‘networking’ anymore. Here’s how to do it right

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Networking has become a staple of the modern-day job search. In fact, many jobs these days can only be won through networking. It’s a vital skill to learn and one that could put you a step ahead of the pack.

But networking effectively means being able to find the perfect balance between online and offline networking. Here’s how.

Connecting through the web

We’re all familiar with how to manage our personal lives on social networks: post vacation photos the minute we land, “check in” at tonight’s restaurant of choice and accept friend requests from people we just met over the weekend.

Believe it or not, the same can be done with our professional online profiles, but using a different approach. Social networks like LinkedIn and Twitter can allow you to show off your work, share your interests and connect with other professionals, whether it’s for a job inquiry or for career advice.


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