Reflecting on PR’s Diverse Past

Links to podcast: Centennial College Soundcloud The Future of PR Looks Like Us campaign This blog is part of a series called The Future of PR Looks Like Us, a meaningful campaign led by a team of [...]


Irene Galea





Nathan Laurie in The Financial Post: Savvy entrepreneurs find success in niche publishing

Passion Inc. was founded in 1994 by brothers Mark & Nathan Laurie from their student residence in Halifax, Nova Scotia with $500 in savings and the dream of graduating from Dalhousie [...]

Interning at Jobpostings

Jobpostings Magazine is Canada’s largest career lifestyle magazine for college and university students. Our website,, is also Canada’s largest online student job board. [...]

Nathan Laurie in the Financial Post: Focus on unifying corporate values with inter-generational appeal

This week, Nathan Laurie, president of, was quoted on the topic of millennials and boomers working in the same office. An excerpt of Nathan’s key points in Romina [...]

How to land a new job without leaving your current employer

It may look nice on your resumé that you’ve worked for companies X, Y and Z, but moving within your company can be just as valuable Are you ready to move on from your current position, but [...]

Employers only look at your resumé for six seconds? The numbers you need to know for job hunting

Job seekers often fail to look at the trends. Use these statistics as your guide for what to expect and how to succeed Finding work is often considered a job in itself: you scour job boards, [...]

Speaker one-on-one | 5th Annual Talent Management Canada Conference 2015

Finding Common Ground in Business & Human Resources Strategies to Increase Organizational Success Toronto, ON’ July 13, 2015 – News Release, via marcus evans Interview with Mar [...]

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